Treasured Bulb Sale, UBC Botanical Gardens

An early September Saturday is never complete without an autumnal foray to buy bulbs. The first dews of fall bring with them dreams of caerulean irises, martagon lilies,  the nodding heads of tiny daffodils and ruffled and rumpled parrots (of the tulip variety). Welcomed by flamboyant parrots of the pirate variety, at UBC Botanical Gardens Treasured Bulb sale you will find rare and unusual bulbs, a wide choice of plump garlic, and a selection of spring bulbs normally found in many garden centres.

Treasured Bulb Sale tables

One of the Treasured Bulb Sale tables

Available with the sale of these underground treasures is a fabulous English Tea provided by the FOGS, UBC’s renowned Friends of the Garden.

Colchicums decorate the tea table

Colchicums decorate the tea table











To boot, add a swashbuckling hat to your wardrobe and you also get free entrance to the botanical garden. Add the date to your calendars for next year! Where else would I be able to buy fresh white martagon lily bulbs with crisp white roots, carefully labelled and packaged?  Dianna Gibson of B&D Lilies, in Port Townsend, Washington recommends giving a dusting of lime to martagons as they like ‘sweet soil’. I was only sorry to have arrived too late to buy any of my favourite Narcissus asturiensis.

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