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The Point Grey Chrysanthemum Association show of early mums is an omg of blooms, nothing like the plump mounds of golden yellow, bronze and pink mums we see in the stores at the first hint of fall. These great balls of fire (also primrose yellow, pink, lilac, bronze and red and many shades between) are examples of amazing floral and horticultural artistry. ‘Reflex’ and ‘incurve’, ‘spider’ and ‘exhibition’, there is a language of mums, unique to this world of specialist horticulture.

Have your own golden globes …

Chrysanthemum Chessington Primrose

Chrysanthemum Chessington Primrose

Chrysanthemum early (6)

This beautiful ‘poached egg’ of a bloom is known as ‘Pennine Oriel’.

Chrysanthemum Pennine Oriel (Cream)

Chrysanthemum Pennine Oriel (Cream)

A multi-shaded dusky carmine and bronze bloom with startling gold on the petals’ reverse, is called ‘Dorridge Beauty, and termed a ‘red’ chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum Dorridge Beauty

Chrysanthemum Dorridge Beauty

Delicate silver-pink spiders, known as ‘Rayonante’ appear like sparklers frozen in time and captured in a still photograph.

Chrysanthemum early Rayonante spider pink (7)

Shaggy mounds of white petals with a hint of green-yellow demonstrate the astonishing talent of the growers to not only produce huge blooms but with the variety, Lundy, to force this late variety to bloom in time for the early show. This technical prowess involves the magic of infra-red light and impeccable timing.

I have no expectation of going to the shows to see ‘natural’ or garden varieties, but to admire the skill and artistry of the chrysanthemum growers and floral arrangers. These amazing mums have long been feted in the far East, and tables of Ikebana floral arrangements brought their heritage alive.

Ikebana using chrysanthemums (9)Ikebana using chrysanthemums (4)

Don’t miss the show of late mums at Gardenworks, Mandeville Garden, 4746 SE Marine Drive, Burnaby November 2nd 12:00-4:00pm and November 3rd 10:00am-4:00pm


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  1. Please if you know of any chrysanthemums that are suitable to grow in the sub tropics – I’ll give it a go! They look so amazing.

  2. Makes me want to live in North Van!! I love the stunning garden chrysanthemum Chelsea Physic Garden which is tall and needs staking but grown with the David Austin rose called Lady Emma Hamilton and hemerocallis Watermelon Man looks amazing.

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